With the law of attraction, we often hear that visualization is a key component to manifesting a desired result. And because of this, just the thought of trying to visualize intensely may pose some frustration for those whose strongest sense in not visual.

Our experience of reality is a reflection of how we view ourselves and the world, and the brain reinforces our beliefs by presenting us with information that aligns with our identity.

This creates a cycle of manifesting the same things over & over again.

REASONS FOR difficulty in visualization:

You have Aphantasia, or even difficulty using your visual sense in a way that is clear and crisp within the mind. Maybe you are stressed in the moment or have mental blocks on what you want to bring forth in your life. Also this cycle of manifesting the same things over and over again may be due to limiting beliefs.

To help you visually manifest your dreams, I’m going to give you a few pointers here to develop this skill so you can use visualization to really focus in on your intentions.

But first, here’s some good news: Exploring experiences within your mind doesn’t necessarily have to be visual. Our brain’s store information in many different ways through all of our physical senses. And each of these senses can be tapped into individually to pull up feeling states and sensations within the body that match an experience that once was, or that will be.

Here are a few ways to do this:

Practice imagining a specific object of your choosing and describe it in detail. Describe the size, color and any other visual components of that object from your stored away memory of it. Next, move into the other senses related to this object. Does it have a smell, taste, texture or sound? Write all of these things down on a piece of paper. The act of writing it down produces more memories for the brain to work with.

Journal your dreams. If you have vivid imagery from your dreams, or even can describe the sensations and experience of your dreams, write them down to enhance these scenes and what they represent to you from a feeling state point of view. Oftentimes, when we’ve freshly awoken from a dream, we have a sensation of something that happened. Write these things down.

Ask yourself, how did you sense the experience? Where do you feel it in your body? Did you hear things? Feel things? See things? Touch things? How do you know that the experience within your mind took place? This will help you tap into the areas that are the strongest when it comes to imagination, especially if the visual aspect is not what you connect with most.

Expose Yourself to What you Want to Manifest. When we expose ourselves to the thing we want to manifest most in our lives, we can collect more sensory detail about that thing to store away in the memory bank portion of our minds. Imagining what you want is great, but exposure can add that extra layer of sensory perception experience.

From a visual standpoint, this can be as simple as watching videos about these things, or reading books about them. You may even choose to do a little window shopping for a deeper and more detailed sensory rich experience. Exposure increases your awareness of the experience so your mind has more data and knowledge to work with when you recall it at will.

When we feel something on a deep level, we create a belief that THAT thing has actually taken place. And through those beliefs, the brain will see a problem in the form of a void. From the brain’s point of view, if it happened internally, it must happen externally. In other words, our brain’s use visualization to develop a roadmap for the attainment of our goals.

Create an image board to remind your brain the types of images you want to bring forth in your mind. For each goal you want to achieve add a visual representation on physical board or wall. View your dream board daily to remind you imagination visually what it is your want to achieve.

But you don’t have to make your visualizations solely about an image. Feel the experience on every level as if it were real, believe it to be so, and it will become manifest.

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